How To Create The Perfect Home Office

How To Create The Perfect Home Office

31st Jan 2023

Now, more than ever, more and more jobs are converting to a “work from home” or hybrid in-office and remote model. When working from home, it’s important to have a dedicated office space to provide some separation between work life and life-life.

Ideally, you want this space to look professional, be functional, and reflect your personal style. Having a home office that is appealing to you will make starting the work day feel much less daunting. Since employees are found to be more productive in comfortable and aesthetic spaces, a good “work from home” set up will take your efficiency and workplace satisfaction through the roof!

So, how do you create the perfect home office? Follow these five easy tips to find out!

Choose a Style that Suits You

The first step to any successful interior design is to identify your personal style. Do you love the streamlined, minimal vibes of a contemporary design? Do bright colours and lots of décor make you super happy? Are you more into natural or manufactured materials? All of these questions and more can steer your design choices in the direction that feels the most “you”!

Carefully Consider your Paint Colour

Did you know that different paint colours actually have different effects on our attitude? For example, red is said to increase productivity, blue promotes creativity, green relaxes, and orange makes people happy! Consider which attribute is most important to you, and paint your home office accordingly.

Get the Flooring that Fits your Needs

Flooring is one of the most important parts of any room, so this is definitely an area you want to pay attention to. For home offices, hard flooring is both practical and stylish. If budget allows, wood flooring can add warmth and typically looks the most professional. Natural textures found in a more rustic wood flooring will add a relaxing vibe while still being sophisticated. Check out our Old Farmhouse Oak in the home office setting below.

Image features Old Farmhouse Oak engineered wood flooring from our Heritage Collection

There are so many options available to you when it comes to wood flooring for you home, so you’ll have no trouble finding wood flooring that fits the exact look you’re going for.

Remember Functionality

While the aesthetics of your home office are extremely important, don’t forget about functionality. If that desk you love the look of has no storage, what are you going to do with your office supplies? If that chair is gorgeous but uncomfortable, will you want to sit in it all day? Find a healthy compromise between pieces that look amazing, but also serve their functional purpose.

Find the Best Options for your budget

We understand that not everyone has an infinite budget to spend on building the perfect home office, but there are so many budget friendly ways to create a wonderful design. Check out second hand furniture on Ebay or visit charity stores for furniture and décor. Opt for laminate flooring to get the look of wood flooring that you love so much. Laminate flooring is significantly less expensive, and can look just as authentic. Or channel your inner DIY-er and get creating your ideal space – perhaps have a go a building your own built in storage or desk area. Check out Instagram or Tik Tok for endless amounts of inspiration.