Why we love laminate flooring

Why we love laminate flooring

29th Sep 2021

Laminate flooring as a product has developed significantly over the past decade with manufacturers constantly evolving their engineering processes and techniques.

As a result, laminate flooring is now one of the UK’s most popular flooring choices, offering an authentic appearance akin to real wood or ceramics, alongside a plethora of practical benefits.

So what makes laminate flooring so popular?

A highly resilient and durable flooring option

One of the most appealing attributes of a laminate floor is its practicality. Each of the laminate floors at The Wood Flooring Co. is finished with a tough melamine resin surface layer. This makes it highly resilient, tough against micro scratching and naturally repellent against dirt.

The top layer is also impermeable to water and they have each been engineered with edge impregnation to protect against moisture. Suitable for most areas of the house including kitchens, entranceways and living areas, it’s an ideal choice for busy households.

Penthouse Oak, the Contemporary Collection

Promotes a healthy living environment

Laminate is also a particularly hygienic flooring option, helping to promote a healthy living environment. It is low on emissions and allergens, so is ideal for households with pets, children and allergy sufferers.

Laminate flooring is extremely easy to clean and there is no requirement for ongoing surface treatments. Routine cleaning with a broom or vacuum cleaner is sufficient, whilst dirty marks can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth.

Authentic finishes to replicate natural materials

Central to each of laminate floors is a nod to the character and authenticity of real wood, achieved through authentic oak grains, textured surfaces and a 4-sided bevelled edge as standard. Whether you're considering one of our rustic wood laminate floors, or one of our herringbone laminate planks, the natural looking surface textures of our laminate floors perfectly replicate the natural appeal real wood.

Sustainably sourced

At The Wood Flooring Co. our laminate floors are exclusively manufactured by Parador flooring, German engineered to the highest specification using European wood. As a traditional wood processing company, a high regard for the environment is at the heart of Parador’s production. Our laminate flooring is made almost entirely of wood from sustainably managed forests.

Fantastic value and choice

As a durable and long-lasting flooring option, laminate flooring offers fantastic value for homeowners looking for a less costly alternative to a real wood floor. Offering all of the aesthetic appeal of real wood from herringbone designs to large planks, natural tones to white laminate floors, our laminate flooring collection is perfect for modern living and perfectly complements homes both old and new.

Quick and easy installation

Our laminate flooring is quick and easy to install with intelligent click connections that enables each plank to be easily joined together whilst ensuring long term stability. There is no requirement for adhesive and all of our laminate floors are suitable for underfloor heating.

To discuss any of our flooring collections, do feel free to call our team on 01905 340238, or email us at

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