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Dramatic Darks

Dark wood flooring is a true statement of sophistication. It’s depth of colour compliments a traditional and contemporary interior, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. Dark engineered wood flooring can be used as the perfect backdrop to your interior, making lighter colours in the room pop or set the scene for a more dramatic interior taste.  


Opting for a dark wood floor in your home will create a stunning visual statement. Darker tones such as smokey greys and deep browns beautifully showcase the natural grain and character of the wood. From the varied smoked tones of our Smoked Cellar Oak, to the modern cohesive grey of Avebury Oak, you will be sure to find a dark engineered wood floor in our collections to create a bold style statement. All of the engineered wood planks in The Wood Flooring Co. collection are made from European oak and are manufactured in Germany for premium quality made to last.

When choosing your dark wood flooring, it’s important to consider the balance of light and dark tones in your environment. Dark wood floors look beautiful with light shades, which can be introduced through furniture, rugs and wall décor. Or if you have a room with lots of natural light opting for dark furnishings can create a sense of luxe opulence. If you are not sure exactly what shade of darker engineered wood flooring would suit your home, we recommend ordering some samples to experiment with. Remember you can order these from us online and they will be delivered to your door within just 2-3 working days.   


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