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5 Must-Haves for a Welcoming Hallway

5 Must-Haves for a Welcoming Hallway

6th Feb 2023

Hallways are a tricky space to design. They’re usually small and need to serve a practical purpose for you and your guests, as well as looking inviting. Since hallways are often the first thing a person will see when entering your home, it’s important that this space is welcoming and shows off your personal style. If you’re struggling with a drab hallway, consider these 5 must-haves to turn it into a welcoming and attractive area of your home.

#1 Practical Storage That isn’t an Eye-Sore

It’s essential that people have a place to hang their coats and store their shoes. However, typical storage solutions can be an eye-sore. Luckily, there’s tons of practical storage options available that won’t ruin the aesthetics of your hallway. Consider a pretty console table with shoe storage built in, or a bench with a hanging rack above to put coats on. Add baskets for easy to access scarves and umbrellas for tackling whatever the weather throws your way.

#2 Hard Flooring to Avoid Hassle

Since people often track mud or dirt in from the outside before taking their shoes off, it’s best to opt for a hard flooring option in your hallway. Carpeting is much more difficult to clean, and you’ll have to do it more often. Engineered wood flooring is a good option, but ensure you also add a door mat to trap dirt particles and sweep regularly rather than using a mop. Parquet wood flooring is a wonderful way to add some visual interest to your flooring and will look classic for years to come. If you’re in search of a more budget friendly option, laminate flooring saves you some money, but gives a similar look and feel to engineered wood flooring.

If you’re after a particularly low-maintenance flooring option, our new range of No-Vinyl Tiles are the perfect hallway flooring. 100% waterproof and completely PVC-Free, they offer an eco-conscious alternative to LVT flooring with all of the easy maintenance benefits.

#3 Bright Lighting that Looks Elegant

It’s important that your hallway has good lighting to really open up the space and give off a welcoming vibe. You have so many choices for how you’d like to light your hallway! Some of our favourites include pendant lights and sconces, or opt for wall lighting to create a more ambient mood. Be sure it’s not only practical in lighting up the space but fits in with your design style as well.

#4 Personalised Décor That you Love

The best way to create a welcoming environment in a hallway is for it to represent you. Search for décor pieces that really speak to you and represent your personal style. Finding fun wall art like photo prints, paintings, and posters is a great way to incorporate décor in your hallway since there often isn’t a lot of space for knick-knacks.

Alternatively, add panelling to your hallway walls for an immediate trend update that will add interest without cluttering up the space. 

#5 Wipeable Paint

Scuffed or dull paint won’t help your hallway look welcoming. Since hallways are such high traffic areas, it’s easy for paint to get damaged, if you aren’t using the right kind. To avoid this, be sure to paint the hallway with a durable paint that will resist any damage and be easier to clean. Also, choose a paint colour that’s fun and reflective of the design style of your home. Since hallways are typically small places, keep wall colours lighter to make the space feel larger.