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​Our Top Flooring Choices for a Period Property

​Our Top Flooring Choices for a Period Property

8th Jun 2022

Whether you live in a quintessential country cottage or a Georgian town house, period properties ooze charm and character. Renovating a period property can be an exciting and enjoyable project. Whether you want to strip your home back to its original period features, or add a modern, industrial edge through new fixtures and fittings, the choices are endless and can often be overwhelming.

Choosing the correct flooring for a period property is another important decision which will play a crucial part in creating the right look and feel.

Reclaimed wood flooring

You may want to opt for a reclaimed wooden floor if you want to add real authenticity along with a lived-in, vintage appeal. Reclaimed wood floors can also be a low-cost and environmentally friendly flooring option. You can source reclaimed wood floors online, or head to a reclamation yard. They will be able to cut the timber into floorboards removing any nails or fixings and some specialists will even treat the wood for you.

A downside of reclaimed wooden flooring is that it’s not often that practical and can be difficult to clean. Since they are not factory finished, you will likely have gaps between the planks and dents and other crevices where dirt and grit can get trapped. For some renovators, this is all part of its charm, but if you want something more practical to maintain then read on…

Heritage style engineered wood flooring

Wood flooring manufactured today undergoes many treatment processes which determine the texture, colour and grain of the finished plank. Thanks to these sophisticated processes it is possible to create the same authentic antique appeal of an original wood floor, coupled with all of the benefits of modern engineering.

Our Heritage Collection of engineered wood floors have all been especially crafted to create an antique, reclaimed appearance and textured aesthetic. Using only the finest European oak, these planks have been scraped by hand using traditional artisan techniques and treated with natural oil to celebrate defined grains, cracks and weathered finishes full of character.

Coupled with an easy click lock installation and bevelled edges on all sides, you can create the look of an antique weathered floor in no time at all! All of these floors are easy to care for and will prove far more stable in years to come.

For deep lustrous tones and weathered surface finishes, check out our Drawing Room Oak, Old Farmhouse Oak, or Cellar Oak engineered wood floors.

Old Farmhouse Oak Heritage Engineered Wood Floor

Parquet wood flooring

Parquet or herringbone wood flooring dates back hundreds of years to when it was originally installed in grand estates, churches and manor houses, so it’s no surprise that parquet flooring looks equally at home in period properties today.

Today parquet flooring is still one of the most popular flooring layouts, adding interest and style to any home. Available in a range of different sizes and tones, the options really are endless. We do recommend opting for a cleaner grade plank (meaning less sap and knots) when it comes to parquet however, to prevent the flooring from becoming too ‘busy’ and distracting from other décor elements in the home.

Our parquet collection of engineered wood flooring is all made from a premium nature grade oak for a more balanced overall effect. Opt for our Woolacombe or Salcombe Oak Parquet for a scandi oak colour, or Harlyn Oak Parquet for more traditional golden tones.

Contemporary Twist

If you're aiming to add a more contemporary twist to your period property, wood flooring is a great option giving you freedom over grains, colour and plank sizes. The beauty about a wooden floor is that it will never look out of place and will fit perfectly alongside all décor tastes and interior styles.

You may wish to brighten up darker spaces in a period property with a lighter plank tone. For example, our refined Living grade Hampton Oak is a soft neutral shade with minimum knots and sap to provide a calming and cohesive overall look. St Ives Oak Wide Plank is a modern paired back tone with rustic knots, or check out Aged Whisky Oak for the perfect balance of rustic definition which will look at home in all manner of interiors.

if you need advice on any of our floors, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team on 01905 340238 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!